We can create individualized programs counseling and education if you receive a  DUI or become involved in a legal matter relating to your use or alleged use of drugs or alcohol.  We can provide assessment or evaluation and counseling and education that fulfills the requirements of the court, an attorney or judge. We try to complete this in two or three sessions though sometimes clients are stipulated by others to come for counseling for longer and that is of course fine with us..

If you receive a DUI, DWI or drug trafficking violation in Philadelphia Pennsylvania or any other state and need to complete any requirements for all aspects of the judicial process then navigating the treatment or educational options can be daunting. Oftentimes your lawyer, a judge or a family member will suggest or require you to complete some sort of counseling or treatment and it can be complicated to determine which programs or counselors may be adequate or certified to provide this service. As licensed professional counselors in Philadelphia and Licensed Psychologists specializing in addiction we can provide that treatment, counselling and education and guide you through that process.

Most group programs are overly structured and have a one-size-fits-all approach which may not be best for you as each individual who becomes involved in a situation like this has unique, diverse and often complicated needs and preferences.

Provided below are some resources to help you learn about the laws pertaining to DUIs, DWIs, possession charges, drug trafficking penalties and criminal proceedings. It is important to remember that the system really is designed to support individuals in these situations to get help and not to solely punish people who have made mistakes. These experiences in life can be positive when all is said and done and individuals can learn about themselves and their behaviors or the roles that drugs and alcohol have played in their lives in such a way that they can make wonderful and helpful long term changes.

http://philadelphiaduiattorneyblog.com/drug-and-alcohol-counseling-centers-in-the-philadelphia-area.html –This page provides a list of counseling centers specializing in dui/drug possession cases.  One of the possible consequences for driving under influence of alcohol or other drugs is being required by law to attend some counseling sessions.

http://dui.drivinglaws.org/pa-dui.php –This is a link for Pennsylvania that explains dui laws, fines, and penalties.  It provides a defense attorney finder that searches using any given zip code.

http://stopthedrugwar.org/speakeasy/2010/apr/05/marijuana_philadelphia_decrimina This is a page about marijuana decriminalization in Philadelphia.  Previously, people who were caught with thirty or less grams of marijuana were charged with criminal misdemeanors but are now charged with civil summary offenses under a new policy.

Individual programs with treatment, education or counseling  in Philadelphia for a  DUI or any other legal matter pertaining to drug or alcohol use is available. Contact an Addiction Psychologist or Certified Addiction Counselor in Philadelphia.