Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselors and Psychologists in Philadelphia and Montgomery County

Jeremy Frank & Associates is a group of like-minded clinicians who treat substance use disorders and other mental health concerns.

We understand that there is no one treatment or therapy for addictive-like behaviors and mental health issues that will work for everyone. We take pride in having a wide range of experience in techniques and approaches that have been shown to be effective in a variety of ways for drug addiction and substance abuse. While we support abstinence for clients who need or want to be abstinent, we are aware that many clients are not ready to be abstinent. Our first objective as psychologists and certified drug counselors is to work to determine whether patients can be social or recreational users. Rarely have any of us seen it work in simply telling someone to stop drinking.

Good therapy and counseling help individuals achieve their goals on their own terms, with free will, self-determinism, and collaboration. Our therapists are specially trained in the use of harm reduction approaches which help people learn to take better care of themselves, be safe, and make improvements in their habits and their lives. A certified drug and alcohol counselor can provide an evaluation to individuals of all levels of substance use, abuse, and dependence to help them and their families make decisions about what level of care is appropriate. We are also highly experienced in treating behavioral addictions such as addiction to sex, love, gambling, internet, gaming, shopping, and food.

Fees range from $180-270 per session (sliding scale fees are possible in some cases; please contact for more information).

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Jeremy Frank, who oversees Jeremy Frank & Associates in Philadelphia, is both a psychologist and a certified drug and alcohol counselor. The staff includes an array of certified drug and alcohol counselors, therapists, and psychologists with different backgrounds – male, female, mature, younger – to find the right match for patients and clients. Please don’t hesitate to request specifically what sort of counselor, therapist, or approach might be the best fit for you.

As addictive disorders most commonly present with additional mental health concerns, we select clinicians competent in the treatment of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, relationship issues, stress, sexual orientation, and much more. We work with many folks who have little to no addictive or compulsive tendencies and solely focus on mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder, and more. Whatever you’re going through, we can provide appropriate treatment for you.

Personalized & individualized drug and alcohol treatment approaches

At Jeremy Frank & Associates, our clinicians in Philadelphia and addiction specialists near King of Prussia and the Main Line have expertise and knowledge in a wide range of treatment approaches so that we can offer the highest level of flexible treatment. Our experienced and compassionate staff will help you get on the right path – get in touch with a counselor today.

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