We strongly believe that all counseling should be tailored to the client/patient and that this is most likely served through individual therapy. We try to avoid labeling folks as it is the number one reason why people say they don’t want to go for help; that people will stigmatize them or tell them they need to follow a certain treatment plan or admit they have a disease.

We believe and research has shown, that individual therapy is a good start to treatment but that most forms of recovery involve several layers of therapy which could include group therapy, exercise, nutrition, social support, medication if necessary etc…  We encourage evidence based treatment choices but won’t push anyone to do anything they are not ready to do.  Addiction recovery will not work if it’s once size fits all or if it’s AA or the high way.

When individuals need more support we can create an intensive outpatient treatment program that is right for them and this can be instead of going inpatient or following inpatient treatment. Some people want a more intensive individual treatment several times a week and others want to meet every other week or even monthly. Therapy should be individualized and it should be personal. You call the shots. You hired us and we work for you. That doesn’t mean we won’t make strong suggestions and that we won’t encourage you to gently move through your comfort zone but it is clearly possible to keep your treatment individualized and personalized in every aspect of your recovery. If you have questions about what this means please do not hesitate to call and speak with us about the various treatment options that might be right for you.