Addiction Psychiatrists recommended at Jeremy Frank Associates. 

Addiction psychiatry and medication management is an important part of anyone’s treatment at Jeremy Frank and Associates. Over one half of all patients diagnosed with a real substance use disorder will meet the criteria for another mental health diagnosis. A significant part of dual diagnosis treatment may be the use of psychiatry and medication management.  We are extremely conservative with referring to psychiatrists in our practice and choose carefully when collaborating with psychiatrists.  We seek to work closely with collaborating with them in treating our psychotherapy clients.  Close to one third of patients may see a psychiatrist for mental health of substance abuse concerns, and will receive a form of medication management.   The psychiatrists that we will be referring to are trained and trusted to be particularly careful about avoiding over medicating, and are knowledgeable in treating underlying mental health illness and the addictive disorders specifically.

Overall, the addiction psychiatrist will be knowledgeable with regards to prescribing medications which are non addictive, non habit forming, and will not create additional issues, problems or excessive side effects.  This should not be confused with normal side effects which may develop as a result of taking normally prescribed medication. In fact the term, “dependence” is a normal medical term which refers to one’s body adjusting to a medication which is prescribed and building some tolerance and possible withdrawal.  This is not the same thing as addiction though. As this can be confusing and complicated it is really important to ask questions of your therapist and psychiatrist when consulting with a physician for medication management with psychotropic drugs.    The addiction psychiatrists that we refer to are credentialed to be able to prescribe Suboxone, Naltrexone, and Vivitrol (which can be offered in both shot format and implant form) to aid in cravings and maintenance.

Addiction psychiatrists have recently become a more key member in the traditional treatment team.  Typically they have been trained to coordinate and provide consultation and assist in triaging care with community resources.  They can be found throughout the healthcare field and in various differing specialties including but not limited to clinical medicine, public health, education, and research. We will gladly reach out to the psychiatrist or physician with whom you are already currently working. We also have several contacts with local psychiatrists and are happy to refer you to one who we believe might best meet your needs. Some are more willing to prescribe medications for ADHD or anxiety and some are more conservative with prescribing those medications. Some have tolerance for harm reduction like mild alcohol use or use of marijuana and some will not prescribe at all if people are continuing to use even “lighter” drugs of abuse.  A partial list of psychiatrists we use is below.

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Addiction Psychiatrists – The following lists are folks we have had a successful relationship with collaboration and medication management.

Tom Riordan, MD

Bryn Mawr

(610) 565-1244


Dick Limoges,  DLFAPA MD

215 (627) -5650

St. Regis Court, Suite 1-B

822 Pine st Suite 1B 19107-6187


Fred Bauer MD

Center City

215 471 2807


Chuck Giannasio MD

Elkins Park and

University of Pennsylvania

215 576 6548


Lester N. Fogelsanger, MD

(215) 760-4461


Herbert Avart

Cell:  6103566250

for vivitrol naltrexone shot