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Reviews of Jeremy Frank Associates  are collected herein. We believe it is not appropriate to ask current or former clients to recommend or review our practice which holds confidentiality and anonymity in the highest professional regard though clients and patients may post such reviews on other related sites,  no such reviews are listed here. Included here are testimonials and recommendations from professional colleagues in various formats gleaned from other website and practice listings for the therapists and associates of Jeremy Frank & Associates.  While posting these testimonials seems self- promotional, we realize that this is the way of the internet and have found that more potential clients or patients and their families appear to appreciate having more information about their doctor, therapist or licensed professional counselor available to them.

Robert J. Chapman, PhD, past Assistant Clinical Professor & Associate Director, College of Nursing & Health Professions Behavioral & Addictions Sciences Counseling Program, Drexel University “Dr. Frank’s interest in the field, dedication to providing quality service to those with SUDs, and willingness to share his expertise–not to mention professional resources like his office space and professional time to support other SUD treatment professionals–suggest that Philly and its practitioners, and by association those with SUDs, are better for it…thank you Jeremy, I am a better professional and person for knowing you.”

Aviva Fohrer MDBoard Certified physician in Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine, Ardmore Pa.” As a Board Certified physician in Addiction Medicine, I rely on competence and compassion from my colleagues when I refer and collaborate in treatment. Dr. Frank is exactly that type of clinician.”

Sarah Espenshade LCSW CAADC, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Bryn Mawr.“Jeremy Frank is one of my most respected colleagues in the drug and alcohol field. He is genuine, compassionate, open minded and has a great sense of humor. Unlike most, psychologists and psychiatrists he is also a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor and shares openly that he is also in recovery. Jeremy approaches each client with an open mind and recognizes that there are multiple pathways to recovery including the 12 step approach, SMART recovery, and evidence-based practices. Jeremy helps the client find the path that is right for them. Jeremy is able to relate to almost anyone younger or older, from the rooms of AA to the staunch atheist. Jeremy treats all of his clients and colleagues with dignity and respect and well liked by his peers. He has years of experience in the drug and alcohol field, has worked at Rehab After Work and has connections at Drexel, the University of Pennsylvania and the Caron Foundation. It gives me great pleasure to endorse Jeremy and I would refer my closest friends and family members to him any day.”

Mark Schenker PhD., Psychologist Private Practice Chestnut Hill Philadelphia. Former Staff Psychologist Caron Treatment.“Dr. Frank is one of the leading psychologists in the Philadelphia region specializing in the area of substance use disorders. He is a superb and thoughtful clinician, working from a background of professional training and personal experience. Dr. Frank is confident and knowledgeable, and easily establishes rapport with his clients. He is especially gifted in dealing with young adults and adolescents, and is my first-choice referral for such patients. I am happy to consider myself a colleague of Dr. Frank’s and I’m happy to thoroughly endorse him and his work.”

Jordan Lief, PsyD. Clinical Psychologist specializing in sex addiction“Jeremy is an experienced and empathic therapist who is an exceptional at treating a variety of psychological issues. I have worked closely with him in the past and was always impressed with his skills at helping his clients overcome their struggles and difficulties. He is a recognized expert in treating substance abuse and addiction issues. I would not hesitate to refer any client to him. I am confident that they would receive the best possible care.”

Gary Ames, MA, Licensed Psychologist Bala Cynwyd“When you need the help of a psychologist you want to look for several things as basic. You want someone who attends to you, sees you, hears you and is with you, on your side, whatever that is.  You also want professionalism.  This includes ethics, expertise and effectiveness.  Jeremy Frank has all these qualities.  You can feel comfortable with him diving in to discuss and resolve the psychological issues that are impairing the quality of your life.”

Rob Rosenthal PhD School Psychologist – Abington School District, Greater Philadelphia Area, Psychologist and Director of Autism Services at Growth Opportunity Center Narberth Office, 822 Montgomery Avenue, Suite 206, Narberth, PA, 19072 and Holland Office, 1496 Buck Road, Suite A6, Holland, PA 18966
“Dr. Frank is a colleague and a long -time friend. He is one of those guys that is easy to relate to, and knows what he is doing. A rarity! He will help you, and keep you on the right track. Dr. Frank cares deeply about his clients, and is on the cutting edge in his profession. Dr. Frank’s practice is considered one of the very best in the Delaware Valley. If you are suffering and are reluctant because of prior therapists who have done little to help you, then you should look no further. He is one who will help, if you are ready to accept it.”

Jared Ellman MD Board certified psychiatrist in Philadelphia, Private Practice Center City Philadelphia, Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP). 1601 Walnut Street SUITE 1516 Philadelphia, PA 19102  “I collaborate with Jeremy professionally and have great trust in and respect for his clinical abilities. He is a talented therapist and I refer patients as well as friends to him without hesitation. His clinical wisdom, sense of caring, and personality/sense of humor are great therapeutic strengths. I recommend him highly.“

Natalie Petyk PsyD Counseling and Psychological Services St Joseph’s University and Clinical Psychologist practicing in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania “Dr. Frank has the perfect combination of warm humanistic qualities and professional acumen to make him an excellent psychologist. He possesses the sensitivity and thoughtfulness necessary to help his clients explore the most sensitive parts of themselves and the most complicated of their interpersonal relationships. He creates a safe and non-judgmental space and is genuinely concerned for the well-being and growth of every individual with whom he works. He also lets his own “realness” out, which is refreshing to be around as a patient, when one can oftentimes feel intimidated by the process of making themselves vulnerable. I can picture Dr. Frank having an ability to make a therapeutic connection with a wide array of individuals, from varied backgrounds, as he is flexible in his approach and style. As a licensed clinical psychologist, I share this from the perspective of a fellow colleague.”
Paul Gittens, MD, FACS Director of Philadelphia Center for Sexual Medicine“Dr. Frank is extremely knowledgeable and has done a wonderful job with some of my most difficult patients. His unparalleled experience makes him an exceptional referral for individuals seeking general psychological support including relationship concerns, anxiety and depression.”
Kristine De Jesus PsyD, PsychologistRecovery Coach, The Wellness Cooperative L.L.C.  “Dr. Frank is extremely knowledgeable and has done a wonderful job with some of my most difficult patients. His unparalleled experience makes him an exceptional referral. Dr Frank is a gifted therapist and addictions professional. In addition to being a warm, kind, and compassionate human being, he is knowledgeable, easy to relate to, and truly invested in helping. During my supervision with Dr. Frank, I learned so much about myself and the kind of professional I wanted to be. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to make positive changes in their life. “
Roberto Schiraldi EdD LPC LCADC Counseling and Psychological Services, Princeton University, Licensed Professional Counselor, State of New Jersey; Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor “Jeremy is a solid professional, wise and considerate and a valued colleague.  I have known him for many years, as he took over the position I held at Temple University as the Coordinator of Alcohol and other Drug Programs in the University Counseling Center.  I respect him and hold him in high regard. I recommend him highly.”