While individual therapy is the first place to begin treatment most forms of recovery involve several layers of therapy which may include group therapy, exercise, nutrition, social support, medication if necessary etc…  When individuals need more support we can create an Intensive Outpatient treatment Program (IOP) that is right for them and this can be instead of going inpatient or following inpatient treatment.  IOP can be a form of Aftercare as individuals step down from more treatment to less treatment but IOP can also be extremely important especially for those patients hoping to avoid an inpatient stay.

There are several excellent programs locally and we recommend Rehab After Work, Livengrin and American Day Treatment.  These programs are excellent for offering additional support over and above individual treatment but many folks find that the one size fits all approach may not work for them. Still there is a tremendous amount to be learned and gained from enrolling in one of these programs.

If you are more interested in putting together an IOP or Aftercare Treatment program in an individual setting we can help you create an IOP easily.  Traditionally these programs have individual therapy as the basis once a week or several times a week and then complement that with group therapy, support meetings, vocational counseling as needed, recreation, yoga, mindfulness and exploration into hobbies, exercise nutrition etc., however most IOPs have little individual treatment as part of their program and we strongly recommend you see an outpatient addiction professional for individual therapy in addition to your IOP treatment.

If you have questions about what this means please do not hesitate to call and speak with us about the various treatment options that might be right for you.