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Addiction Therapists & Psychologists on The Main Line

Patients beginning to work with addiction therapists and counselors are treated to a safe and collaborative environment at Jeremy Frank & Associates. We understand that all forms of addiction and mental health issues are unique to each individual.

Our therapists carefully diagnose addiction and mental health issues with which our patients are struggling, and provide the appropriate therapy through personalized treatment techniques. Our counselors are highly competent in the treatment of addiction and mental health disorders, having experience in providing therapy for eating disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, gambling addictions, alcohol and drug addiction, as well as all sorts of relationship issues.

For each patient’s personal addiction treatment plan, our counselors focus on proven approaches rather than one-size-fits-all group treatment which is all too common at most addiction treatment programs and traditional drug rehabs.

These include:

  • Evidence-Based models including treatment techniques and treatment approaches proven to be effective through research science and empirical evidence showing them to be reliable and valid.
  • Abstinence-Based Approaches focusing on the abstinence of drugs, alcohol, and other addictive behaviors. (Our counselors and therapists are aware that abstinence is not suitable for all patients, nor are all patients ready to abstain).
  • Twelve-Step Approaches focus on education around the possibility of immersion in a 12-step program. This treatment method may not be suitable for all patients either.
  • Controlled Use focuses on learning the responsible methods of drug or alcohol use which can lesson harm for those patients who are not ready to abstain.

Whether our addiction therapists utilize one of these approaches or a mixture of them, our patients can  receive the care and treatment they need. We work at the pace of our patients, collaborating with them so they’re able to achieve self-determination and freedom from dependency.  This allows folks to overcome their mental health issues or addiction.

Jeremy Frank, the Director of Jeremy Frank Associates is an  addiction therapist and psychologist, and he works with other psychologists and addiction therapists to develop an understanding for each patient of their condition, strengths and risk factors..  This way therapists and counselors can provide  a unique treatment and counseling program. Our counselors treat patients on the Main Line, from Bryn Mawr to Haverford to Malvern, and surrounding areas. This is particularly important because it enables clients not to have to travel far from home for treatment or rehab at a drug and alcohol center or rehab program in another state.

Our addiction counselors provide a treatment approach and plan that allows clients to return to a healthy lifestyle without being plagued by addictive triggers, and mental health problems so they can continue at work or school and get on with their lives locally and at home in most cases.

Many patients prefer to attend a drug and alcohol treatment program locally on the Main Line rather than attend a more traditional in patient drug rehab program.

Mental Health Counselors on The Main Line

Whether your therapist in an addiction counselor, psychologist, or licensed professional mental health counselor at  Jeremy Frank & Associates they will be using holistic approaches for treating mental health disorders through individualized attention and evidence-based therapeutic practices.

When you or a loved one is battling a mental health concern, there is help available locally around the Main Line. Through non-judgmental practices, our psychologists and addiction therapists help patients overcome their addictive  disorders on their way to a happy and healthy life. While most research suggest relapse occurs during the first year, the less often published truth is that eventually approximately 70% of folks recover over the lifetime and that is good news.

  • Expert counseling providing addiction therapy and treatment that works
  • Comprehensive care of mind, body, and spirit, mindfulness based relapse prevention
  • Tailored mental health treatment plans and substance abuse treatment for all challenges at each stage of addiction or mental health concern
  • Integrated addiction therapy to address mental health conditions and concerns

For one-on-one and confidential support, our expert use of personalized talk therapy helps both adults and adolescents move forward with focus on balance, optimum health and contentment. As psychologists or addiction therapists we offer psychological  and emotional support for mood disorders, depression,  anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, attention deficit disorder , and marriage and relationship counseling.

If  you need an addiction therapist in the King of Prussia area, around Malvern, Haverford, or Bryn Mawr, contact Jeremy Frank & Associates. Here, our focus and approach to mental health and substance abuse counseling is on an individual level, finding therapeutic options to address compulsive, addictive and other unhealthy tendencies.