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Addiction Therapists in King of Prussia

Every type of addiction is individual and personal in nature. At Jeremy Frank & Associates, we carefully diagnose addiction and mental health issues, and provide therapy to effectively manage addictive tendencies.

As addiction therapists and counselors, we provide our patients with a safe, confidential and collaborative environment to help diagnose, understand and work with mental health disorders or substance abuse issues through personalized approaches and techniques. These include:

  • Evidence-Based Models and techniques proven to be effective through research and shown be reliable, valid and rigorous treatment approaches.
  • Abstinence-Based Approaches which are methods focusing on abstinence of drugs, alcohol, and other addictive behaviors. (Our counselors and therapists are aware that abstinence is not suitable for all patients, nor are all patients ready to abstain).
  • Twelve-Step Approaches focus on education around the possibility of immersion in a 12-step program. This treatment method may not be suitable for all patients.
  • Controlled Use focuses on learning responsible, safe or healthier methods of drug or alcohol use.

When our patients seek the help of an addiction therapist in the King of Prussia area from Jeremy Frank & Associates,they will find our clinicians to be competent and caring in the treatment process. Our patients  benefit from one of our personalized addiction treatment programs or protocols, and we’ll determine the multiple factors which contribute to and fuel addiction and are the conditions most likely affecting the manifestation of addiction.

Our focus on addiction and mental health treatments, allows our counselors to hone in in a competent and caring way on the treatment of gambling addictions, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, and relationship issues which can  affect our patients’ lives and well-being.

We work at the individual pace of each patient, sticking to a personalized plan that helps people work  beyond addiction or mental health disorders and puts them one  the road to recovery. Adults and adolescents will find  our addiction therapists near King of Prussia collaborative and warm in devising an individual treatment plan to  help them achieve self-determination and freedom from relying on substances enabling them to move beyond addiction.

By working with patients to understand their condition, a mental health counselor from the Haverford area, King of Prussia or Montgomery County develops the best treatment plan and counseling program for each individual rather than placing each person in a group setting right away just because it is convenient for the addiction treatment program. From physical and mental health considerations to family history, specific drugs of abuse, education and information about alcohol use, our therapists integrate a personalized solution for each persons and situation.

Substance Abuse Counseling in King of Prussia

A substance abuse counselor can take a holistic approach to developing a treatment plan that considers addiction through evidence-based therapeutic practices and individualized attention.

When you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse or mental health disorder, always know that there are numerous options for finding help. At Jeremy Frank & Associates, our non-judgmental and collaborative care can help  patients get back on the right path to a healthy and happy life.

  • Tailored substance abuse plans for all situations and challenges
  • Integrated addiction therapy to address further mental health conditions
  • Comprehensive care of mind, body, and spirit through mindfulness based relapse prevention
  • Expert counseling and therapy to provide an addiction treatment program that works

Addiction is a bio-psycho-social chronic illness that is treatable through a supportive and constructive environment and comprehensive addiction treatment program. The individual therapy provided near King of Prussia for drug or alcohol addiction helps patients stay on a clear and sober path locally without having to enter a traditional addiction treatment rehab program in another state or city.

If you  need to contact an addiction therapist in Montgomery County, PA or King of Prussia, please know that  our counselors approach patients on an individual and personal level.  Through patients learning about their addictions they can  find ways to avoid triggers, cues and signals fueling  those addictive tendencies.  Therapy can help people recover and most people do eventually recover. Contact us today.