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Addiction Therapist in Montgomery County, PA

At Jeremy Frank & Associates, we are well-equipped to provide therapeutic counseling for substance abuse and mental health disorders through evidence-based strategies. As addiction therapists, we know that each person’s addiction or relationship with alcohol or drugs is unique and we work at your pace, collaborating with you to develop a unique addiction treatment program.  As addiction therapists we also know that some people aren’t actually addicted and we can help you explore the role that drug or alcohol use has in your life in most cases without your having to go to a drug rehab or more traditional drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

For  adults and adolescents, our therapists provide alcohol and drug addiction counseling and  behavior therapy for other addictive and compulsive behaviors. Our clinicians are competent in the treatment of many mental health disorders, including eating disorders, gambling addiction, stress, anxiety, depression, and marital or relationship issues.

We’ll carefully diagnose any contributing conditions which may fuel addiction to help you manage your relationship with drugs or alcohol through individual and group therapy in Montgomery County, PA., initially instead of immediately referring you to a drug rehab or alcohol and drug inpatient rehabilitation treatment program. If you are looking for an addiction treatment program in an inpatient setting of course we can help you evaluate the best rehabs in Montgomery County or elsewhere.

Counseling with addiction therapists at Jeremy Frank & Associates is tailored to patient’s individual needs. Your counseling may consist of talk therapy alone, a combination of psychotherapy, medication, behavioral and cognitive methods of addiction treatment. If you and you mental health counselor or addiction therapist deem it necessary from the beginning or at some point when you are ready, we’ll provide the optimal education and assessment to find the right drug rehab program in Montgomery County, PA or surrounding areas to help you get on the right path to recovery.

The most effective addiction treatment usually occurs in the context of someone feeling they are in a safe and collaborative environment in which addiction is treated and managed. In working with your therapist, psychologist or counselor to understand your condition, including physical, mental health, family, and drug and alcohol history in a respectful setting with an addiction therapist near King of Prussia, near Montgomery county or near you, we can develop the trust and comfort close to home for the optimum outpatient treatment plan without having to leave your city or state to attend a drug rehab or treatment center located far away.


Drug Rehab in Montgomery County, PA

Many patients prefer to attend addiction treatment locally in Montgomery County though outpatient counseling rather than entering more traditional drug and alcohol rehab treatment programs.

We take a holistic approach to develop an effective drug and alcohol treatment program that is local. Each patient is treated through individualized attention and evidence-based therapeutic practices.

  • Comprehensive care of your spirit, body, and mindfulness based relapse prevention
  • Tailored addiction treatment to your situation and challenges by a drug and alcohol addiction therapist, psychologist or addiction counselor near Malvern and Montgomery Counties
  • Integrated addiction therapy to address mental health conditions
  • Expert counselors to provide the best alternatives to inpatient drug rehab programs for your needs

When you or a loved one is struggling with their mental health or addiction, there is always help available. Whether your therapist is a certified alcohol and drug counselor, an addiction therapist or psychologist in the Malvern and Montgomery County community, Jeremy Frank & Associates is well situated equidistantly to allow you to start the path to recovery locally.

Non-judgmental and collaborative care from a certified counselor helps to elucidate treatment goals and objectives and allow folks to find ways to enjoy life free of addiction triggers that can influence one’s wellness and happiness.

Addiction is a chronic illness that affects so many lives surrounding a patient, including friends, family, and loved ones. Outpatient “drug rehab” counseling  allows for  an addiction treatment experience to begin locally close to home through a supportive, nurturing, and constructive environment in the area in which a patient lives without having to go away to drug rehab if that is not what someone wants to do. The individual therapy provided here offers insights into the cause of addiction, it offers  the tools needed to manage addiction and it provides direction, a treatment plan and program to help individuals stay on a clear and sober path. While most research suggest relapse occurs during the first year, the less often published truth is that eventually approximately 70% of folks recover over the lifetime and that is good news.

Whatever stage one’s  addiction or mental health illness is in,  our certified counselors and therapists will help through abstinence-based approaches, evidence-based models, and twelve-step plan when needed.  Our counselors in Montgomery County, PA and the surrounding areas use techniques and approaches tailored specifically to each patient. Learn how we can assist in addressing  addiction or mental health disorders by contacting us today.